Saturday, August 4, 2007

This week in diabetes

A few observations from the past week:

1) Last night Isabella was driving me nuts at about 2am. She does this sometimes - wanders in and out of the room meowing, scratches at the dresser, climbs all over me and wants to knead at my neck, paws at the covers, bites, and is generally a pain in the ass. I usually ignore her. Last night, I decided to test in case she was low, even though she was 12 hours past her last shot and has been generally unresponsive to insulin all week.

This is the first time - first! - I've ever gotten out of bed in the wee hours to test the cat. I told her it had better be worth it. In the end I don't know if it was or wasn't. Blood sugar was 350+, so I gave her a shot. And now I know for sure she will misbehave in the middle of the night when she's not low (thus reducing even further the likelihood I'll get out of bed to test her in the wee hours).

2) If anyone was out on my street at 2am, they got a nice view of my nearly naked self filling a syringe in the kitchen.

3) The fact that I will now test Isabella while nearly naked is the best testament to how far we've come in the hometesting routine. I used to don protective clothing. Now, clothing is optional.

4) I've noticed (again!) how reactionary I am to the cat's blood glucose levels. I find it very hard to stick to a scale if I think the scale isn't working. And if one test gives me an unexpected number, then I think the scale isn't working. Isabella's numbers are unexpected almost all the time. Therefore... well, you see the problem. My behavior is probably why vets freak out at the idea of owners hometesting.

5) I've also noticed that when I sit down to enter numbers into the spreadsheet or my profile at FDMB, the numbers usually aren't as bad as I thought (in the moment) and it's obvious that I have impulse control issues when it comes to reacting to single numbers.

6) I've started crushing a methyl B-12 tab into Isabella's food at each meal in case the problem she has with her hind end is neuropathy. Ever since I started this, Casey waits until Isabella takes a break from eating and then commandeers her food bowl. Isabella then eats from Casey's bowl. I'm not sure why I try.

7) It's closing in on a year since diagnosis, and Isabella's numbers are no better. But she seems happier, so I guess that it's worth it. Someone, please tell me that it's worth it.


Terri said...

It's worth it Nancy. If you didn't do this and she got sicker, you would feel awful.

Mary C said...

Nancy, I feel for you. It is no picnic what you and Isabella are experiencing. My thoughts are with you.